• Color Masterbatch

    Professional customized ABS and PLA color masterbatch for 3D printing filament extrusion.



  • Glow in the dark Masterbatch
    Highest 50% content,customized ABS,PLA,PET,PC,PS,etc carrier,widely used into glow in the dark field.
  • Raw Material

    ABS PLA extrusion and injection raw material pellet,have good compatibility with our masterbatch.



  • Gold Metallic Masterbatch

    Gold metallic color masterbatch is belong to pearl masterbatch,any metalescent color matching available.


  • Red Color Masterbatch

    Red color masterbatch ABS,PLA,PET,PE,PP,glowing red customized available,red flame,deep, magenta etc.


  • Black Masterbatch

    No carrier black masterbatch,suitable for any material and process especially for engineering plastics. 



  • Pearl Color Masterbatch
    Widely used into cosmetic bottles,household casing,oil barrel such injection moulding plastic product products.
  • PS food grade Masterbatch
    Professional for disposable tableware, meet food grade and international standard.                  
  • MPA Slip Additive Masterbatch
    Mainly used in extrusion die as forming a smooth,protective coating so that can increase capacity.