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Dalian Jingcai Masterbatches Co.,Ltd.,founded in March 2005,is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the plastics coloring.The factory is located in Dalian Jinzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.  we now have six win screw production lines with an annual capacity of 5000 tons.The advantages are as following:
1.High Stability:Our Enterprises Standard is △E≤0.3
2.High Quality:Major service for high-end customers,primarily Japanese companies such as:IRIS,RYOBI,Audi,JAPAN AIRLINE,DQ,Coca Cola,China Petroleum,Panasonic,Toshiba and so on.
3.Professional R&D team:
Mr.Liu Yuanwen, as the boss,majored in high polymer chemistry.He engaged in plastic technology development for 21 years.Four bachelors and masters who specialized in macro-molecular chemistry form the R & D department in our company.With deep close cooperation with Dalian Polytechnic University macro-molecular chemistry faculty,we are helping to set up subject selection of Masters,and as the base of their optional practical training.
4.Mainly according to Customized production requirements,we research and production of maseterbatches applied to all kinds of raw materials such as:TPE/PVC/PP/GPPS/HIPS/ABS/PAS/PC/POM/PET/PMMA/PLA and so on.We are rich in experience in Customer-Oriented products with processing technology include injection molding,blowing film,blow molding,drawing,extrusion,plastic,cast and other technology.
5.We have strict standard to choose the color Weathering Ability:7-8 degree(if not meet this standard,product will change color during production)
Temperature resistance index:200℃-320℃(If not meet this standard,will change color when processing)
Transference resistance:Level 4-5(If not meet the standard,will be precipitated color in the process)